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You are the artwork.

I love writing poems, doing artwork, writing stories, blogging…pretty much creating anything.  Building anything.  I love building little cars with my boys, constructing anything out of wood or metal or plastic.  I love creating.  Maybe you’re like me.

It’d be absurd, however, if one of my “creations” decided to rule my life or think it’s more important than me.  However that might happen, if it were to come alive, have a voice, whatever, and demand that the world orbit around it, that would be laughable at best, and condemnable at worst.  The object must never get more glory than the one who made it.  The purpose of the art is to point to the artist, to reveal more about the creator.  The purpose of the art is not to worship the art or to surrender to the art.  That’s a good litmus test for insanity.

When it comes to you and God, who’s the interruption?  Do you feel like it’s a waste to seek God, spend time getting to know God, or worship God?  Is it a waste to attend a worship service, devote your holidays to him, or give your money to organizations that serve his causes?  Is God just an interruption in your day?  In your life?  Do you feel like you’d be better off if you were allowed just to live your life, cut-free from thinking about God or having to deal with God?  Just to live for yourself, your purposes, your morality, your goals, your agenda, your plans, your comfort, your priorities, your values? 

You are the artwork.  I mean that in both senses.  You are a dazzling creation, full of beauty and genius.  You were hand-crafted by the Master. 

But, you’re mere artwork.  You’re not the Artist.  You’re not the Creator.  You’re just an interruption.  Life is not about you, because it’s about the Creator of Life.  The heartbeat of life is God.  The background music behind everything is a tune about God.  God is not an interruption; he is the eruption.  This whole world is exploding with God and his glory, not yours.

The more you can walk in step with the cadence of the Creator, the more that life will make sense to you.  You’ll begin to see that your life is not the main agenda.  You’ll learn that only those who lose their life will find it, while those who hold on to their life will lose it.  You’ll begin to understand why there’s nonstop worship in Heaven, because in Heaven we’re finally catching on. 

It’s not that there are no interruptions in heaven or that your life is not important here on earth.  That’s not at all what I’m saying.  Your life gains value not by taking the central place, but by taking a spot along the edge.  When you put God at the center of your life, then you have God at the center of your life!  You have life, beauty, vitality, strength, love, hope, and joy, right at the core of your being. 

Our job is to display the majesty and wonder of the One at the center, by life or by death.

© Samuel Kee, 2012