ImageHere’s a definition of purpose I came across.  Purpose: the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. 

You can only have a purpose if a Creator exists.  Otherwise, you have no purpose.  With that said, you would not exist at all unless you had a Creator.  So, by existing in the first place, you’ve got a purpose, whether you like it or not.  It may come as a relief to you that you don’t have to forge your own purpose in life, but it has been written on your soul, coded into your DNA. 

What is your purpose?  The Christian answer is “To glorify God and enjoy him forever,” according to the Westminster Shorter Catechism.  What does it mean to “glorify God?”  The idea behind “glory” is that of weight or matter.  To give something glory is to give it weight or emphasis.  To glorify God is to make him the most significant thing in your life.  You give God the most “weight.”  He is what “matters” the most.  Of all your boxes in life, the one devoted to God is the heaviest. 

This means that religion is out and encounter is in.  In order to learn how to glorify God better, you don’t need to be more religious or get a better religion, for religion is more about putting weight into human boxes.  To glorify God better, you need to encounter God.  God needs to become more real in your life; he needs to have more fat on his bones.  It’s not about manipulating God, but the complete opposite: you learn how he controls you. 

Encountering God means waking up to his reality and hitting the snooze on your little reality.  We think we know what’s significant in life, but were we to stand face to face with God, we’d shatter.  Our agenda would totally change. 

Knowing your purpose will give new meaning to the toughest parts of your life.  The trials.  The parts that don’t make sense.  When you lose your job, your purpose is to encounter God.  When you’re all alone, your purpose is to encounter God.  When you’re diagnosed, your purpose is to encounter God.  When you’re hurt, your purpose is to encounter God.  By living for any other purpose, you’ll have extreme cognitive dissonance, as you try to make sense of life’s trials and human-centered agendas. 

Encountering God is your agenda. 

© Samuel Kee, 2012