He is singing your song

Every day that you are alive, so is your song.

Polly was finding the song more and more interesting because she thought she was beginning to see the connection between the music and the things that were happening.  When a line of dark firs sprang up on a ridge about a hundred yards away she felt that they were connected with a series of deep, prolonged notes which the Lion had sung a second before.  And when he burst into a rapid series of lighter notes she was not surprised to see primroses suddenly appearing in every direction.  Thus, with an unspeakable thrill, she felt quite certain that all the things were coming (as she said) “Out of the Lion’s head.”  When you listened to his song you heard the things he was making up: when you looked round you, you saw them.  This was so exciting that she had no time to be afraid.

This excerpt is from The Magician’s Nephew by C. S. Lewis.  The boy Digory and his friend Polly were suddenly transported to an empty world, both dark and cold.  It had zero landscaping and no wind.  Neither was there light nor any sort of life whatsoever.  Until, of course, they heard the song of the Lion.  As the Lion strode upon this new world, life started popping up everywhere.  And, as Polly noticed, the plants and creatures and landscaping that appeared, were directly linked to the song of the Lion.  She said, quite profoundly, that “all things were coming out of the Lion’s head.”  As the words dumped out of his mouth, life landed on earth.  It was more than a mere song, it was creative power.

All things come out of the Lion’s head.  Our Lion is Jesus Christ, who is known as The Lion of Judah.  He created all things and all things came into being through him.  Without him, there would be no people, no animals, no plants, no fungus, no insects, no dust, no light, no nothing.  Before he created people and animals and plants and fungus and insects and everything, there was nothing, except for God.  God was everything.  Then when he spoke, space was made.  Soon he put stuff into and onto the new space.  Eventually, he created you.  You came out of the Lion’s head.

You were a dream that he had, something that he wanted to place in the world he created.  Your origin is his mouth; when he gave the right word, you were created.  He gave you a body, mind, and soul.  And it’s a wonder that your soul doesn’t fly off into outer space, but somehow, God has attached it to you with invisible thread.  No one else has a soul or mind or body like you.  You are one of his special songs.  Before he sang your song, he swelled with pride and dedicated it to you.  When you came out of his head, he burst with joy and announced for all to hear, “This one is very good!”

He gathered around himself a bunch of regal angels and saints and let them know about you.  You were a very special creation of his; had he not sung your song, you would not be here.

God is still singing.  His song can still be heard, as sings forth life into our world.  And it’s not just new life, either; it’s your life.  Every day that you are alive, so is your song.  He creates you everyday.  Were he to stop singing, this whole world would collapse and fling into oblivion.  Just when you think that your world is falling apart, his song holds it together.  He sings because he loves.

What song are you listening to?  Is your head filled with songs of life or songs of death?  Which notes do you hear each day?  Do you listen to the song that sings of your lack of worth, of your ugliness, and of your failure?  That is not the song of the Lion, but of the devil, who seeks to destroy you.  If you hear the sort of whispers in your ear that say things like you’re no good, the world doesn’t need you, nobody likes you, you’ll never get it right, you’re a failure, and so forth, then you are hearing from the one who hates you.  The one who hates you sings you to sleep with his smothering song.  And his greatest hypnotism might be that you don’t believe that he even exists.

Learn to listen to the love of our Lord, who said, “You are precious in my sight, and honored, and I love you” (Isaiah 43:4).

© Samuel Kee, 2012