Someone Is Standing Up for You

Here is the Reason #4 video, posted this past week on  We filmed it at Wilson’s Bookstore and coffee shop in Princeton, NJ.  When we arrived at Wilson’s, I immediately asked the store owner for permission to film at Wilson’s.  He asked me what the video would be about.  I told him that it would be a video for those who are struggling to find hope.  Upon hearing my words, his eyes widened and he responded, “I was just upstairs in my office writing an article about the recent suicides at Cornell; I would love to hear more of what you have to say.” 

I get chills just remembering that encounter.  It just “so happened” that we stopped by his store to make a video for those who are struggling with life, right at the time when the owner was writing about the same issue for The Ivy League Christian Observer

Once again, many thanks to Tim Traver and Tim Anderson for editing this video; you both do outstanding work.  Please pass this video along to whomever God puts on your heart this week.   

© 2010 by Samuel Kee